About Foodwise Northwest

FoodWise Northwest was created to return enjoyment to the art of home cooking. Many are struggling to find the time to plan and prepare healthy, imaginative meals. And with the constant flood of new products on supermarket shelves and confusing nutritional recommendations, it has become increasingly difficult to know what to eat. Whether you’re overwhelmed by a lack of time or a lack of information, we believe there is one adage that always remains true – eating well shouldn’t be a luxury.

With FoodWise Northwest, individuals and families benefit from personalized solutions that are specifically catered to their unique lifestyle needs in order to make meal planning easier.

As a FoodWise Northwest client, you can expect:

  • Balanced, nutritious meal plans focused on whole foods (emphasizing local and seasonal options whenever possible)
  • Less prep work – save time and money on shopping and meal preparation
  • Less food waste – all-inclusive shopping lists reduce unnecessary purchases and unused products
  • Increased variety – new recipes and ingredients effortlessly increase the variety of foods you’re eating
  • Comprehensive, printable shopping lists that eliminate spur-of-the-moment or haphazard grocery store trips and ‘what’s for dinner’ panic
  • For those interested in weight management or enhanced nutrition, a simple, effective approach featuring healthy food recommendations and personalized coaching

About Kathryn Gilmore

Kathryn GilmoreAs a lifelong epicurean, founder Kathryn Gilmore knows a thing or two about great food. She developed FoodWise Northwest to share her passion for healthy, flavorful cuisine and to provide easy-to-implement solutions for her clients. She is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant who provides educated guidance to people seeking nutritional advice.  From simplifying food shopping, meal planning and preparation to understanding and incorporating sound nutritional principles, Kathryn aims to help FoodWise Northwest clients make lasting lifestyle changes that result in healthier, happier homes.

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