From meal planning to kitchen organization, FoodWise Northwest has a program that fits your lifestyle. What’s the best option for you?

Read below to learn more about the services provided by FoodWise Northwest. To best determine the program that will meet your needs, we offer a free phone consultation to discuss these options in greater detail. If you’re interested in learning how FoodWise Northwest can serve you, please contact us at

Meal Planning

To ensure that your FoodWise Northwest program is customized to meet your specific requirements, we will have an initial session to assess your food preferences, cooking skill level, time constraints and other personal considerations. Once this essential first step is completed, you will receive customized meal plans featuring the week’s menu – including easy-to-follow recipes and a detailed, categorized shopping list that can be printed or even downloaded to your smart phone.

Each week, your meal plan will suggest a variety of flavorful dishes that emphasize fresh ingredients as part of a well-balanced diet, while keeping cost, simplicity and efficiency in mind. (For example, leftovers from one night’s dinner soup recipe can be served later in the week as a quick, healthy lunch option.)¬† You will also be provided with a brief list of suggested ‘prep work’ ideas to help reduce the time spent on meal preparation throughout the week.

Click to view sample meal plan.

Personal Food Coaching 

artichoke cropped-2Changing your lifestyle and embracing nutritious, enjoyable alternatives are critical factors in weight management and improved health. Food coaching can ensure that you have the tools you need to meet your health and wellness goals while enjoying a nourishing eating plan that is suited to your lifestyle.

If you’re eager to embrace healthier eating habits, or you’d like to use the service as part of your weight management program*, FoodWise Northwest offers valuable support through weekly meal plan evaluations and accountability support. Your initial meal planning assessment will include outlining your health goals and a review of your relationship with food. During weekly meetings (in person or by phone) we’ll discuss your progress, review each week’s plan and set goals. Depending on your needs, daily email check-ups for encouragement and accountability are also available.

*If you need the support of a registered dietician or nutritionist to address health-related weight loss needs or other conditions, FoodWise Northwest can refer you to a licensed practitioner to ensure that your recommended program meets your specific wellness needs.

Kitchen & Cupboard Organization 

German-Pumpkins_sm-2After reviewing your kitchen and cupboard organization, we will provide you with customized recommendations to help you get the most out of your kitchen – from optimizing space to increasing productivity. The assessment also includes a list of healthy staples to have on hand, as well as improved storage and utility suggestions.