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“Kathryn helped change the way my family eats. My husband and I both work full time, and between that and chasing after a 7-year old boy, we don’t have much time to plan our shopping or our meals. With Kathryn’s support, we’ve cut way back on pizza and takeout, and are having fun cooking again.

My fridge is full, our meals are healthy and interesting, we’re saving money, and I feel like I FINALLY have control over mealtime again!”

~ Corrie, Seattle, WA
Meal Planning Client

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“Kathryn has been incredible to work with.  She is extremely knowledgeable and organized – but more importantly she brings compassion and support to every consultation.  Since I started with Kathryn, I am already feeling healthier and am beginning to see some real progress with my weight loss goals.”

~Terence, Seattle, WA
Food Coaching Client

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“FoodWise Northwest helps me take better care of my family. We are two full-time working parents with a toddler so making time to plan out healthy, sustainable meals has always been a lofty goal. Now that we get meal plans and easy-to-follow recipes every week, we are enjoying quick and healthy meals.

Our weekly grocery list makes it easier to make the most out of what is fresh at the farmer’s market, and we have stopped mindless grocery shopping which has already shown a great savings in our grocery bills. We are spending less – and not throwing food out at the end of each week. FoodWise has provided much more than variety, nutrition, and savings – it’s made preparing dinner fun!”

~Tanya, Seattle, WA
Meal Planning Client